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The Wolf's Eye


According to Angela McCarthy of TCM Reviews

"The Wolf's Eye is a really good paranormal mystery. A story that has witty lines and a strong plot line.


In Wolf’s Eye Rick, Kat and Tom all have to find allies in different places to avoid the vampires hunger for power. They want to be able to control the world and the master vampire is going to stop at nothing to succeed. Rick and Kat struggle with a decision that will change both their lives forever.


This might be Sidney’s first book, but in my opinion he has a winner. To me what makes a great book is a strong plot line and witty lines that make you smile. He has all of those, which I hope he’ll continue with in another book. Might not have to contain the same characters but anything would be great. So I hope to see more books to come by Sidney. He has great skill that makes you want to keep going and going till the end."

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